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Working through CPD Interactive courses

December 27, 2011



How do I move through the course?

Each page has a series of buttons:

  • click NEXT to start the module, then to move to through pages
  • click BACK to return to the previous page
  • click EXIT to exit from the course.
Do I have to complete the course in one sitting?

No, once you have selected your course you will have access to it for a specified period (usually 14 days for single-purchase courses). Once you have started your course the system will track where you are up to, so if you stop and recommence at another time it will allow you pick up from where you left it.

How will I know how long it takes?

You will see on each page of the course how far you have progressed through it.

Do I have to complete all the activities correctly to successfully complete the course?

No. The activities are designed to provide you with an opportunity to reflect and review what they have learned. As long as you have progressed through each page, completed each activity and come to the end, then you will have completed the course.

Can I complete the lesson only once?

No, once you have selected a module you may complete or review it as many times as you wish for a period of 14 days.

If I pay for a course, do I get materials I can come back to?

You will have access to the course for 14 days, or longer depending on whether you have purchased single courses or taken a subsciption. Where we can, we include materials that can be printed out – for example, draft clauses, notes or summaries – but the course itself cannot be printed. You can take notes as you go, and bookmark any links that may be of interest.

We are online providers, and encourage practices that reduce consumption and increase efficiency and productivity. How often do you refer to the notes you got from that conference back in 2000? Chances are it will now be out of date. And you will be able to access all the information you need – legislation, cases, articles – online.

Do I receive a certificate or proof of attendance at the completion of the training?

Yes, once you have moved through the entire course you will be eligible for a certificate, naming the course you have completed, when you completed it and in which of the four fields it is in. Also, on 31 March of each year you are eligible for a statement outlining all of the courses you have completed with CPD Interactive Pty Ltd. Our system tracks who does which modules, and when, so we can always help you if you lose your records. Contact us if you need to.

What if I have forgotten what courses I have completed?

You can log on and view all the courses you have previously completed. The system will tell you if you have started but not completed a course.


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