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Ethics and Mediation-

November 17, 2011
This course considers the ethical issues that commonly arise for lawyers when acting on behalf of and advising clients, and considering conflicts of interest. It also looks at the way relevant professional conduct rules apply to shape the responsibilities that lawyers have, not only to zealously advocate their clients’ interests, but also to be fair, to seek the truth, and at times to limit the adversarial process.
Aims and Objectives
The aims of this module are to ensure you:
  • understand how a mediation works
  • know what ethical issues may arise and what professional conduct rules you need to be familiar with
  • be familiar with the Australian National Mediator Standards.
CPD Interactive delivers on-demand, online training in each of the four areas, on a range of topics. See our courses page for a list of current courses. We also deliver custom courses to meet the needs of our clients.
Online courses can be completed any time – including after-hours – and are supported by a 24-hour technical helpline.  Each course is designed to take one to two hours, and to be engaging, interactive and very easy to use.  It is simply a matter of choosing a course and getting started.  Progress through your course is recorded by the CPD Interactive learning management system and you can go back into any course you have started but not finished.  Why not have a look at a sample?
Our courses incorporate text and use different online learning features, including images, video and audio material, all of which enhance the learning experience.  New training courses are continually added, reflecting changes to law and practice.  We will track your progress and can confirm completion of your course.  You will be able to print a certificate of completion for your records.

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