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More about CPD Interactive

January 4, 2012

What is CPD Interactive?

CPD Interactive is a small Australian training company that offers online professional development training for lawyers. We have a range of courses available on our website that can be taken online to meet CPD requirements. We are a small company with experience in delivering online legal training.  See About us for more information

What does CPD Interactive offer?

We offer a way for legal professionals to undertake CPD or CLE training online, making it flexible, easy and cost-effective. Our online modules feature expert authors – lawyers, academics and consultants. We also offers customisation and content to firms and other organisations to assist them to deliver training. See Corporate solutions.

What is online learning, or eLearning?

This means online education. Online learning makes use of multimedia, including video and audio material, and interactive elements, such as quizzes and other activities designed to test learning, to enhance learning. It is a very effective way to learn and offers many advantages, including ready access to other online resources and applications.

How can I find out more about how CPD Interactive works?

Take a tour of our website, and feel free to contact us.


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