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Ethics and Mediation-

This course considers the ethical issues that commonly arise for lawyers when acting on behalf of and advising clients, and considering conflicts of interest. It also looks at the way relevant professional conduct rules apply to shape the responsibilities that lawyers have, not only to zealously advocate their clients’ interests, but also to be fair, to seek the truth, and at times to limit the adversarial process.
Aims and Objectives
The aims of this module are to ensure you:
  • understand how a mediation works
  • know what ethical issues may arise and what professional conduct rules you need to be familiar with
  • be familiar with the Australian National Mediator Standards.
CPD Interactive delivers on-demand, online training in each of the four areas, on a range of topics. See our courses page for a list of current courses. We also deliver custom courses to meet the needs of our clients.
Online courses can be completed any time – including after-hours – and are supported by a 24-hour technical helpline.  Each course is designed to take one to two hours, and to be engaging, interactive and very easy to use.  It is simply a matter of choosing a course and getting started.  Progress through your course is recorded by the CPD Interactive learning management system and you can go back into any course you have started but not finished.  Why not have a look at a sample?
Our courses incorporate text and use different online learning features, including images, video and audio material, all of which enhance the learning experience.  New training courses are continually added, reflecting changes to law and practice.  We will track your progress and can confirm completion of your course.  You will be able to print a certificate of completion for your records.

CPD Interactive online courses

Essential guidelines for the new PPS laws on behalf of LexisNexis

This module was written by Tony Coburn of Freehills for and on behalf of LexisNexis.

This course identifies and discusses  a number of practical issues which will arise for existing contracts, and for designing security agreements that are more suited to the legal environment after the PPSA  comes into effect.

It looks at some frequently used financial products, and in particular:

  • all assets securities (which will be granted under general security agreements);
  • specific asset securities (which will be granted under specific security agreements);
  • leases of goods; and
  • invoice finance (as an example of ‘deemed security interest’)

It also looks at some contract practices in the construction industry which may give rise to some issues under the PPSA.

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Build your professional knowledge by taking one of the CPD Interactive online courses. If you need some legal ethics training, a unit in practice management, skills or substantive law you can get the points you need. Simply pick your field below, and go!

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CPD Legal-

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CPD Interactive courses

Getting Started with CPD Interactive courses

What do I need, technically, to start learning online?

You will need a PC (not a mac, not yet) and internet access. CPD Interactive recommends broadband internet access, with a high bandwidth, to get the best out of online modules. You can download modules through dial-up connections, just more slowly. If you have low bandwidth the picture or video quality may not be as high. Why don’t you ask us for a sample to see how it works in your environment?

Some firms have security that may restrict access to some sites. Simply check with your Learning and Development Manager, or ask us if you have any difficulties getting through.

Talk to us to see if we can help you to start learning online.

How do I start my course?

You simply need to choose a course and pay and you will be redirected to our learning management system, and your course. One click and you can get started.

How do I pay?

There are three ways you can purchase modules:

  1. by individual course – choose a course, select ‘buy now’ and pay securely using a credit card (Mastercard and Visa)
  2. by bundle – get discounts by choosing a bundle of courses
  3. by subscription – get access to a range of courses, for a period of time.

For bundles and subscription pricing, contact us to get you set up.

Once payment arrangements are made you can start learning; there are no additional steps.

How much does it cost?

We have assessed courses as being 1 unit, or 1 hour. If it takes you longer you can claim more units.

Individual courses are priced at $199 or $99 each (inc. GST), depending on the length of the module, less for subscription or bundling.


Legal Training Online

New Course: Legal research in the real world

It should not matter what topic you are researching or whether you are using electronic or paper resources, you should follow the same research methodology. You need to have a clear understanding of the task at hand before you commence. This online self-paced module is designed to provide a strategy for legal research and an opportunity to put that into practice.

It sets out:

* how to write a memorandum setting out findings
* a strategy for organising material and creating a research trail
* what resources should be used and to critically evaluate resources
* how to establish search terms and key words to be used both online and in hardcopy
* how to establish the research task (what are the legal questions/task to be completed). This
* includes how to conduct the reference interview.

Finally it sets out some research tasks with a focus on legislation, including finding point in time legislation and advising clients of the law at different points in time.

You can start now from our list of courses, and choose others that suit your needs.

If you have requests for topics, let us know. You can also sign up for our newsletter on our homepage, so you’ll know what’s coming, and be alerted of new courses.

Read more about Legal Studies Course and Legal Training Course

CPD Legal Ethics

New ethics module and more to come…

We’ve just added Ronwyn North’s latest module, ‘Conflicts of interests: who says?’ to our suite of ethics courses.

Conflicts of interest can have a profound affect on your practice, especially if you get it wrong. Take another look at this critical issue, read some of the more recent cases and give your legal practice a conflicts check-up.

We are busy developing modules to meet your needs. Keep an eye on our homepage, to keep on top of what is coming soon.

We are developing content with a range of authors, and partners.

We are proud of our joint venture to deliver online training with Leo Cussen Institute, to deliver quality Leo Cussen Institute training content via our flexible, interactive learning environment.

Topics include an update on legal professional privilege, drafting terms of settlement and pleading misleading and deceptive conduct. More are in development, and we will continue to add content.

You can also visit the Leo Cussen Institute website, to find out more, or browse our list of courses to find something that meets your needs.

CPD Interactive in the media

Natalie Wieland, CPD Interactive Director, was interviewed recently in the ALB magazine in an article about online professional development.  This is what she said:

‘”In fact, it was only last year that we received the green light to make an online offering and since then it’s been a process of educating the market about the benefits of online CPD.”  And heading up those benefits is something which is at a premium for every lawyer: time. “Lawyers love online CPD because they can do it anytime, and in small segments if they choose – so they can do a whole module in one go, or in ten-minute blocks if that fits better into their schedule. Our online courses are also popular with women who are working part-time, and not always able to get to a conventional seminar on the allotted day.”‘

To find out more about how CPD Interactive came about, see our feature in the March edition of the Monash University alumni publication eNews. Read the article here.

If you’ve wondered about the value of learning online why not take a look at our article on eLearning for lawyers in Issue 377 Friday 7 March 2008 of Lawyers Weekly, which was also published online.

We have been involved in a number of conferences, including CLEAA and ACLA conferences.

We were proud sponsors of the Australian Dealmaker of the Year Award at the ALB Australasian Law Awards 2008, which was held at the Westin in Sydney on 22 May 2008.

You’ll see us out and about, so keep an eye out.

For media enquiries or if you’d just like to know more about CPD Interactive please give us a call on 1300 85 45 11 or contact us by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

CPD Interactive is a boutique Australian provider of online professional development (CPD) or continuing legal education (CLE) training. It was created to offer lawyers a flexible, interactive way to meet their mandatory requirements in each of the four subject areas of:

* ethics and professional responsibility
* professional skills
* substantive law
* practice management and business skills.

It is also our goal to build a hub of collaborative professional development learning. CPD Interactive was launched in February 2008.

We’d love to hear from you.